About Us

We are creating a modern home lifestyle company founded on the idea of building something unique. We are craftsmen, engineers, interior decorators and above all, a bunch of folks committed to providing unique and quality products.

Children's Room

Design . Material . Dimension

Built for You.

Over the years we have built many unique furniture for clients that have made way into our product catalog.

Home Decor

No Artificial Discount

Priced with Integrity.

We don't endorse artificial price inflation; our pricing reflects a balance between affordability and sustainable business practice.

Modern White Room

Multiple rounds of QC

Built to Last.

Products go through multiple round of checks; despite best efforts, if we may miss certain things, in such a case, we shall rectify and repair.

Image by Paweł Sroka

Global designs made locally

Glued and Screwed in India.

Our goal is to provide global designs to Indian households while keeping the traditional way of furniture making and craftmanship alive in our vibrant nation. 

Our Novelty Items

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