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'Like all good ideas, Fugo was born with a purpose'

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

There was once a time when we were frustrated at the prices of furniture on the existing websites. We were honestly frustrated because the furniture were very expensive [and let's not talk about the quality] and we didn't understand the logic behind 50% or 70% discount - in fact the prices were still very high after such discounts. We set-forth to understand this industry and very soon our journey lead to the birth of Fugo Living on the 2nd of October 2018.

Since then, Fugo has been through quite a journey [which we hope, we will live long enough, to tell about]. But the essence of Fugo and why it exists remains the same - simply put, our mission is to tell people about how beautiful our homes could be and assist them in realizing that.

There are a few things that are personally important to us, these are (1) Honesty in Pricing, (2) Offering Quality that we would accept as a Customer, and (3) High level of Customer Satisfaction and Tech-enabled Process to keep your purchase-cycle free from frustration and effort. Our sincere belief is that we will become better at our job as we grow older and that we continue to keep our promises alive as long as Fugo continues to exist.

So go ahead and browse through our products, you may find something that you may have been looking for. If not, tell us and we will get the job done. Some of our earliest customers were also our interior styling clients - we offered them free consultation on their interior decor. Each of our interior styling projects has been designed to complement the personality of the household and designed to move, adopt to different home in case of relocation. Did we mention that our Chief Design Officer is also one of India's most acclaimed Set Designer?

In the market full of plenty, we at Fugo are committed to &