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Creating good products at great prices - Working with Pre-laminated boards

Pre-laminated boards were evolved to create furniture, modular units, flat pack furniture etc at a lower price point. When manufactured properly such furniture has potential to last many many years. However, with extreme cost cutting measures can result in very low quality products which have extremely poor life.

How we create high quality Pre-laminated board furniture-

1) Use branded boards - We use only Action TESA brand pre laminated boards or better boards like Greenply. It offers a ton of variety in finishes, super strong boards, defect free product. The boards are laminated with MICA and not paper or plastic. These are very very resistant to any surface abrasion and therefore you can use them carefree! Products like Mackenzie chest of drawers or Zich work desk comes to life with branded boards.

2) Board cutting with Commercial machines-

As simple tasks as cutting 90 degree cuts every single time is not possible without the right machines. That's why we use machines like BIESSE Active 400 to make the right cut. Products like Elise workdesk are cut from this this machine

3) PVC Edge banding -

Single most important task (which is also cost intensive and time consuming) in making products from Pre-laminate boards is to protect the freshly cut with PVC bands. These bands, when applied properly go edge to edge with the board and protect it from any external moisture, impact or abrasion.

Study table pre-lamniated baord
Blake workdesk made from Pre-Laminated board
Workdesk with Edge banding
Blake workdesk top with PVC edge banding - light brown color

This is how clean and nicely done PVC edge banding looks like. It is achieved only by using the right machines which maintains the glue at 220 degree centigrade, exact amount of pressure is applied on the banding and excess area is scrapped off.

Edge banding machine for PVC Edge banding
Edge Banding machine

4) Last and not least - Getting the right fixtures-

At times it makes sense to go for more permanent kind of fixtures like L plates and screws as they provide more strength and stability. At different times like providing flat pack furniture, its important to use screwing mechanism which are more easy and fast to operate. Basis on the assembly state at the time of delivery, we decide on usage of the fixture.

After going through all these steps your workdesks or chest of drawers are prepared. We use high quality material and opt for industry best practices to produce workdesks for your work from home needs so that it can take the load and serve you for many years to come and remain reasonably priced!

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