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Sofa - From your imagination to reality

Sofa. One of the most common pieces of furniture present in modern homes. Seldom do we find a furniture which has the same power as a sofa-set to transform a place, but with this power comes the challenge of getting a sofa suited for you.

There are so many styles of sofa, with historical and cultural origins, sofas which are molded through centuries and curated to fit the current, modern, 21st century lifestyle.

Still, when we go out to buy a sofa, we don't easily find the one for us. The sofas are either not good looking, or not comfortable, or doesn't fit in our budget.

This indecisiveness is often fueled from our exposure to media which inspires our lifestyle, like TV shows, movies, newspaper, magazines.

For e.g. many people might not entertain a thought to have a Burnt orange colored sofa in their living room. But once, people started falling in love with F.R.I.E.N.D.S show, demand for such sofa shot up!