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Working from home? Create perfect setup

During the pandemic of Corona Virus, almost all of the working class is quarantined at home. Work from home has been the new trend and rule for offices. While there are many tools which enable us to remotely work with teams, work environment also constitutes in a big way to work efficiently. High Efficiency during work from home can only be achieved with an organized and comfortable set up. Having the right furniture for you and setup Given below are a few guidelines to create a perfect set up for work from home.

Now it is important to understand, that the set up must be comfortable but must not be a catalyst to lethargy. Comfort boosts motivation but luxury boosts laziness. So it should be congenial but healthy for work.

Study table: A study table is a must for work from home if you prefer and are used to a work desk in the office. However, one must make sure it is not too big to accommodate over usage of space which leads to a lack of good posture, but big enough to be able to compensate all your work material like files, books, stationery among others. Estu Sheesham Study table is the right example of a study table which has right amount of storage and adequate size. Made of solid sheesham wood, comes with 5 years warranty.

Chair: It is preferable that you make use of a swivel chair if your study desk is longer or you have scattered belonging you need to use for work. It might get arduous to get up and collect or move around physically to get work done hence a swivel chair is the best option. However, if you are a person who prefers sitting in a constant and stable position. A stable cushioned chair can be your choice. We have some great collections of solid wood chairs and single sofas for you to select from

Lamp: To increase focus on work a table or study lamp is a must. A small table top tripod lampshade will also work very well. It can be portable or foldable and small but luminous. Thus, it should not cover much space but illuminate well. White and yellow lights are best preferred for reading and writing, hence, one must make sure they select only those light colours. Yellow can be a priority because it strains the eyes less.

Karina table lamp is perfect for such settings. its aesthetic design, natural shade and small size, makes them perfect for a table.

Storage: There are many files, books or study material that you wish to store for future reference. A sideboard or drawer or shelf is the best furniture to accommodate the required material. If you use drawers, the size can be determined with how large your files or study material is. To make it more organized you can make use of two drawers. One for stationery and the other for files. When it comes to shelves, make sure the shelves are short so that you can reach to your required material whilst sitting on the swivel chair.

Side boards are generally the perfect setup for storing all kind of items like files, paperwork, stationary. It also comes very handy to keep items like printer and act like extended table surface. We at Fugo Living take pride at our sheesham wood furniture, which are honest in pricing and quality. With the same philosophy, our Toryes Sideboard is made with 100% solid sheesham wood and priced just right.

Sheesham wood side board with glass doors and drawers
Side board to store all your essentials

Accessories: Other miscellaneous items like a mug or coffee holder if you are a tea or coffee person while working, pen and pencil holder for instant use, white boards and soft boards if your work demands making charts for presentations, white board markers and board pins to attach the important circulars from work are a few more things to keep in mind. Even a small open bookshelf can be of great use to keep books and other small items. Lippe bookshelf can really help as it takes very small space on the floor and provides great storage areas

Hence, here were a few suggestions and options you can keep in mind to be able to have a perfect and motivational set up to work from home. Stay home, stay safe.

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