Stancia dressing table is grand, royal and imperial with its design and build. Made for legends, this dressing table is a real deal to have in your bedroom. The combination of matte black veneer finish with natural solid wood finish is just too good to look at, with perfect design and structure, Stancia dressing table looks bigger but actually takes up less space.

Made for your moderate spaces, this piece of furniture will make you fall in love with its look, it is bold, stylish and dashing. With cushioned vanity stool of just perfect height, Stancia makes everything professional for you when you work your magic in front of that mirror.

The dressing table is made with high quality prelaminated plyboard, which durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about its quality over the years, it also consists a lot of storage options for you so that you can manage all of your essentials and to never worry about them again. The 3 bottom drawers with top of the also provides much space to store your everyday cosmetics and more storage on the mirror is just perfect.

A long lasting product from the home of fugo, Stancia dressing table awaits you!

Stancia Dressing Table

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